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Plans re-considered!

With the spread of breweries, I could never feasibly do more than 60km a day, if I wanted to set up camp in daylight, and this didn’t take into consideration the heavy Czech food, the continual accumulation of alcohol in my blood, hangovers, adverse weather, mechanical problems, nor most importantly, the generosity (usually in the form of alcoholic donations) of the locals…

the route


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The hidden dangers of international train travel…

After finishing the month of July on a high, both literally and metaphorically speaking, I was to begin my month-long holiday cycling around Czech breweries.

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Critical Mass and a tall tall bike…

My project for July was simple: after being secretly inspired by the tall-bike jousters in Amsterdam, I had made it my mission to find myself a tall-bike, and ride it in the July Critical Mass.

old bean...

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