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Video: Naked by Bike in Brussels – Cyclonudista 2009

Every year a “World Naked Bike Ride” or Cyclonudista is held in different cities all over the world to show the fragility of cyclists in traffic and ask more (political) attention for cycling as a sustainable way of transport in cities.

In Brussels it was a sunny day, which resulted in many naked cyclists, taking most people in town by surprise, creating mixed reactions and lots of photo and video attention. See our video:

Dutch/French with English subtitles.
Filmed in Brussels on Saturday 27 June 2009.
Camera and editing by Bas Ruyters.


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Bikes not Cars Festival: In Crust We Trust

After deliberating about how best to kick start the blog, and after missing numerous suitable occasions, I decided to finally dive into the blogosphere with a report on the Bikes not Cars festival, held in Amsterdam July 3rd – 5th. What could be more appropriate? At least that’s what I thought. I was in for a surprise, a surprise that would, over the weekend, prove a very positive one. (more…)

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